Alvaro Atilano

Ejecutivo Principal en CAF

    More than 34 years of professional experience in the following areas or activities: a) regional and national initiatives for promoting the accelerated development of innovative and patentable technologies; b) definition of strategies for the accelerated development of patentable technologies (shock innovation); c) definition of strategies for strengthening technology transfer and commercialization in public and private universities; d) technology innovation and its applicability to sustainable development, especially in the energy efficiency sector and climate change adaptation; and e) strategic planning and management of technology innovation processes in the public and private sectors.
    Mr. Atilano has lived and worked in Washington DC, USA, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Panama and performed international consultant work in most countries in Latin America. He has been involved in investment projects of the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, CAF – development bank of Latin America, and the United Nations Development Program.
    Currently, Mr. Atilano is a Principal Executive in CAF – development bank of Latin America in charge of coordinating the “Patents for Development Regional Initiative” ( He was the President of Innovation and Development LLC, and Nova Oceanic Energy Systems, Inc., one of the very few new companies dedicated to the development of renewable ocean energy technologies for developing countries. Mr. Atilano holds US patents in marine renewable energy and climate change adaptation technologies.