Manuel Quevedo, PhD

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics

    Prof. Manuel Quevedo received his B.Sc degree in Chemistry at the University of Sonora, an MS degree in Materials Science at The Saltillo Institute of Science and Technology and his Ph.D. from the University of North Texas (2002). After completing his PhD, Dr. Quevedo joined Texas Instruments as member of the technical staff where he developed high tech materials and devices. While at Texas Instruments, Dr. Quevedo was appointed Texas Instruments assignee at International Sematech where he worked with other companies (Intel, IBM, Motorola, Samsung, AMD, etc.) to continue developing alternate materials for nano devices.

    In 2010 Dr. Quevedo joined the Materials Science and Engineering Faculty at the University of Texas at Dallas as Associate Professor and was promoted to tenured Full professor in 2014. Dr. Quevedo is also member of the scientific board of Nanoholdings LLC and CTO of WAND  LLC.  Dr. Quevedo has published more than 250 papers, 2 book chapters, and holds 10 US patents with 8 more pending. His current research includes nanostructured materials and devices for flexible electronics, large area sensors and energy harvesting.  He currently directs a research group of about 25 members, most of them URM.