Energy and Environments

The thematic area, intelligent energy and environment is a transversal motor in the development of countries and goes hand in hand with the development of technology which plays an important role in sustainability and is strongly linked to the environment.

Urban mobility is part of this topic and is focused on all electric transport that can be integrated into those smart cities contributing to improving the quality of life of the whole society. Distributed generation is a very important issue, making electrical power systems more efficient mainly and how they contribute to the care of the environment.

We must also talk about green hydrogen, which is an extremely important issue and how this technology contributes in different countries that are implementing it. In the same way we must see the sustainable treatment of wastewater that contributes to that sustainable development and consider the agricultural area that in some way should be studied.

Thematic Groups Topics


Materials Science and Engineering, Basic and Space Sciences

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Biosciences, Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Agro-industries

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Robotics, Perception and Artificial Intelligence

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