Logistics, Innovation and Management Science

The IESTEC Congress is an excellent international scenario to learn about different perspectives regarding research results, which can support the social and economic development of countries, while respecting the environment and in a responsible manner.

Among the topics that will be developed in the thematic area of Logistics, Innovation and Business Sciences are:

Sustainable Logistics and Transport Operations, Urban Logistics, Maritime Transport and its interface with smart city-ports, Humanitarian Logistics, Supply Chain 4.0, Safety and Efficiency in Transport Systems, Risk Mitigation in Supply Chains, Electronic Commerce, Innovation Ecosystems , Social Innovation, Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Complex Systems and Decision Making, Industry 4.0 in SMEs, Blue Economy, Green Economy, Circular Economy, and Models for Hybrid Jobs.

Some of the relevant problems highlighted by the pandemic are the scarcity of raw materials and labour, congested ports, increased transportation costs, efficient use of sustainable energies, global uncertainty. How to ensure that supply chains run like clockwork, that they are resilient, secure, and agile?

What are the challenges of social innovation in this pandemic? What studies have been carried out on the different approaches to Social Innovation and what have been the effects and impacts achieved in their application? What kind of metrics have been developed and applied for the evaluation of Social Innovation?

How do collaboration and innovation ecosystems contribute to effective interaction in hybrid work environments?

Decision making in complex and uncertain environments is optimized through data analytics tools; what is being done in Latin America to generate reliable databases that facilitate decision making?

Are small and medium-sized companies making the changes and transformations they require in a digital world? How is Industry 4.0 helping these companies to convert and create jobs?

How are the concepts of green, blue, sustainable, and circular economy being addressed in the different regions to achieve economic growth?

These and other questions will be debated at the IESTEC 2022 Congress.

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