Intelligent Systems and ICTs

Among the topics to be developed in the thematic area: ICT, Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Environmental Intelligence, mobile computing.

Disseminate specialized knowledge in the areas of intelligent systems and information and communication technologies (ICT) to contribute to solutions to problems at the national and international level in order to contribute to the development and well-being of society.

The topics that we include focus on studies related to intelligent systems, the Internet of Things, Ambient Intelligence, mobile computing, information and communication technologies applied to the problems of society, especially the improvement of those needs that humanity has.

In this congress we are sure that we will have contributions beyond the Panamanian borders, and the wide participation of authors at an international level from various countries and regions has already been demonstrated. All are invited to present the results of each investigation carried out in their regions on the subject of information and communication technologies and intelligent systems.

In the first instance, it must be possible to identify each one of the areas in the social environment where the new information technologies can contribute the results of the research and developments that are being carried out at a national and international level. In addition, it is already an essential requirement to form interdisciplinary teams where all those involved contribute to those needs from their scenarios. And finally, we must directly reach all those beneficiaries in each investigation that has ICT as a driving element and their lifestyles can be improved.

Thematic Groups Topics


Materials Science and Engineering, Basic and Space Sciences

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Biosciences, Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Agro-industries

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Robotics, Perception and Artificial Intelligence

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