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Keynote Speakers

Sr. Gonzalo Rivas

Chief of division Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation, BID

The Imperative of Innovate for inclusive and sustainable development

Dra. Barbara Boyan

VCU College of Engineering

Using Basic Biology to Inform Medical Device Design: Surface Topography

Dr. Enrique Quiroga González

Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

Striving to develop the super battery: the one with high power, high storage capacity, low cost, and sustainable

Dra. Felisa Preciado D. Higgins

Penn State University

Opportunities and Challenges in Higher Education: A Personal, Evolutionary, and Experiential Approach

Dr. Devendranath Ramkumar K.

Vellore Institute of Technology

Development of Affordable and Sustainable Orthopedic Footwear Technology for Developing Nations using Sustainable Functional Multi-Materials and Industry 4.0 Technologies

Dr. Mikael Ekström

Mälardalen University

Research, education, and research education with robotics as theme

Dra. Alina Santillán Guzmán

Faculty of Electronics - UPAEP

EEG Signals: Analysis, Processing and Examples

Dr. Eddie Blanco

Liverpool John Moores University

The usage of e-fuels in different transport mode, and its significance as a sustainable alternative

Dr. Luigi Ambrosio

National Research Council - Italy

Biomaterials for Health

Dr. Guillermo Ameer

Northwestern University

Regenerative Engineering: Opening the way to Regenerative Medicine

Dra. Silvia Caro

Universidad de los Andes - Colombia

Sustainability in road infrastructure: trends and challenges

Dr. Fernando Colmenares

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

Sensing System for Renewable Energies in Non-Interconnected Areas - ZNI in Colombia

Dr. José Gómez Pulido

Universidad de Alcalá - España

Artificial Intelligence: A new path towards improving health

Dr. Vijayasaradhi Setaluri

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Special Guest

Dra. Olivia Graeve

University of California San Diego

Special Guest

Robert "Glenn" Richey, Jr., Ph.D.

Auburn University

Special Guest

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