Thematic Topics

The study of production, industrialization and commercialization of agricultural, livestock, forestry and other natural resources.

Development of techniques for the use of artificial intelligence and data science for problem solving.

The study of life sciences from a basic and applied prospective for solutions in the fields life sciences, industry and health.

Development of cybersecurity techniques and systems. Study of the design, implementation and improvement of network architecture.

Study of processes of generation, management, handling and evaluation of energy systems in their various forms.

Study of fundamentals and applications with impact on studies of earth and space. Includes a convergence between studies of geographic information systems and various fields of knowledge.

Study of the processes, methodologies and didactic strategies of the teaching-learning process involved in STEM education.

Study of the natural environment and its interactions at different scales, as well as the impact and effects of climate change on different ecosystems. It includes the impact and design of solutions for the search of sustainability in environmental and anthropogenic processes.

Studies in the field of humanities and social sciences in relation to the use and application of science and technology and their impact.

Studies on the fundamentals, development and applications that impact the design and management of infrastructures and civil works.

Study of the methodologies and processes for the design, development and implementation of robotic, intelligent and automatic systems.

Study of models, strategies and processes related to logistics, supply chains and business management.

Study of the behavior and properties of materials for their improvement and optimization in the development of applications in different areas of knowledge.

Studies on the development of alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as on the design and development of systems for efficient use of energy in various applications.

Study of the natural phenomena and mathematics to impact the development of applications. Includes mathematical modeling, physical science works, biochemistry, etc.

Studies on the management, transmission and broadcasting of information by different media. Including studies on theory, design, development and application of computation such as the development of algorithms and software.